Conversion of voice mail into Asterisk voice mail format

Hi to all,
Hope you all will be fine. I want to send voice mail to Asterisk through email client. For this what i have done so far with the help of one of someone is to send voice mail to Asterisk folder i.e, where Asterisk stores all it’s voice messages(/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/brights/220/INBOX/) . The format with Astersik stores messages when you record a voice message to Asterisk by phone is different from the format when i send voice mail to asterisk by email client. So I want to know can any one help me on this topic, any idea or any help or any hint that how this can be done i.e, when you send voice mail to asterisk through email client Asterisk treats it as it is a recorded voice message by the phone to Asterisk.

Thank you.