Folder where asterisk store voice messages

Hi to all,
Hope you all are fine.I have to ask a very simple and silly question :unamused: that can any one tell me that where asterisk stores its voice messages i mean in which folder it stores its voice messages when we record it and when a person intend to listen his voice message which folder asterisk use to pull out the voice messages :smile: .
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Not sure if you are talking about voicemails…if voicemails are what you’re looking for check /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/, there you find a directory for every user defined, voicemails are stored in the INBOX sub directory.


Marco Bruni

:smile: Thanks Mr Marco,
Nice to meet you again :smile: .Hope you fine.You mean when i record a voice message for extensions 203 or 205 or 209 or whatever extension i dialed asterisk stores all voice messages to /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/. Means first i record a voice message for, say 203 it goes to above folder and create a 203 subfolder under default folder and under this 203 folder is a sub folder Inbox where voice message is stored and the same is true for every extension for which i record a voice messages
One thing more suppose i define a context for the extension. Means for extension 203 i defined the context say brights Like
type = friend
user = 2008
secret = 2008
qualify = yes

context = brights

Then in this case it store voice message to /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/brights/203/Inbox / is it :question:

Thank You :smile:

If you define the context “brights” in /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf (so it is a voicemail context) and define the 203 mailbox in this context and when leaving a voicemail you specify this context in the form voicemailbox@context, yes; if the voicemail context is “default” can be omitted.
The context you referred seems to me a dialplan context, which is different.


Marco Bruni

Thanks Mr Marco for your help.Now i tell you why i am asking this and what i meant for. You remember we had discussed the topic(email to asterisk) for which you told me to do three things

  1. write an email client so it recognizes extension as an address of the person(the address where you send the emails, could be
  2. Parse the email (means read the email and extract the relevant informations.)
  3. Create a new voicemail (a voicemail is a message that an user can listen through the phone connected to the pbx.)

If i want to send voice email to asterisk through email client, log in, attach a voice email and send it to asterisk I supposed to send it to folder where asterisk stores it voice voice email(messages) just like if a i want to leave a voice message for you and your extension is 123 i call to asterisk and by dialing 123 leave a voice message for you ok and asterisk stores that message in a folder and when you intend to listen your voice message that i leave for you, you call to asterisk and by dialing 123 you’ll able to listen your message .There is a folder which asterisk uses when person call to asterisk to listen their voice messages.

If i send voicemail to asterisk through email client then certainly i send that voicemail to that folder so when person dialing their extension asterisk behave in similar manner, when someone leave voice message by dialing to asterisk.

I think its long enough so the question is if i send voicemail to asterisk through email client to which folder i direct that voicemail to.

Again Thank You for your help :smile: :unamused: I think there’s no need for such a long story the last two lines are enough but… may be it helped you to clearly understand that what i want.