Virtual Office

I’m lookig solution for new project. We want to open virtual office. What is idea:

  • each custommer will have individual phone number (external number)
  • in our office will be recepcionists who will answer incoming calls
  • people will be calling on our custommers numbers and recepcionist should be able to answer it on one computer (or other device if itis required).
  • the receptionist shall be able to recognize our customer by number and speak with person who calling as our customer company.
  • people shall be able to hear personalized voice messages if receptionist can’t answer the phone (eg if somebody is calling on number 01224111111 which number is owned by our client “A”, shall hear message like: “this is company A, please leave the message after the tone”)

So, we are looking for software (mabe hardware) what can working with many phone numbers and displaying to operator what number is choosed. In the future when we will have a lot of customers it should transfer to first free operator.
We ARE NOT looking for something like call center (one number and many operators).
we are looking for something for many numbers and one (or more) operator.
I can’t find information if Asterisk is right solution for us.

This project can be easily developed under Asterisk. I dont see any difficulty on this. Where do you need help?

thanks for reply. how expensive could be implementing it?
leszek (at)

Based on your requiments , at the time you dont need any investment on VOIP hardwares, but i think you will host your Asterisk server on the cloud. need a few SIP trunkings for conectivity with the PSTN and dial plan logic

Ideally you want the caller ID display on the phone to indicate the client, so that just in case the web interface is lagged, the operator can still answer “Thank you for calling Company A, how may I help you?” A web interface would be good - so that the operator’s screen will automatically pop up relevant information about Company A when a call for Company A is answered by that operator. On-screen buttons would be very handy for transfer-to-voicemail or transfer-to-Company-A-cell-phone. You also need a convenient way for Company A to be notified of voice messages and be able to pick them up.
If you have a complete design and you need a programmer to implement it, that’s one thing. If you are looking for a designer to create this product for you, that’s something else. Which are you seeking?