Virtual modem - is there any such thing?

Sometimes my internet connection goes down and I need to reboot or configure my internal equipment. I can’t get to it through the internet connection - it’s down. I’d like to be able to connect using my laptop modem.

I have an Asterisk setup, with an FXS card and an FXO card - both used. If I had another FXS card then I would just connect a modem to it and be done. But I don’t.

My question is this. Given that once I hit my Asterisk box my modem signal is 0’s and 1’s again, is there any such thing as a virtual modem that can convert that signal into network traffic? My preference is for client software (that is, Asterisk just dials a SIP extension and my virtual modem picks it up and converts it without the usual modem hardware.

I hope I have explained this well enough for you to understand.


Hmm don’t know of such a thing, you can also create a secret ivr with a script that reboots your internal device or asteriskbox

Hey, that’s not a bad idea.

I have found IAXmodem. And first glance it says that it is a virtual fax modem. I wonder if it supports any of the non-fax standards?