Modem in asterisknow (vmware)

I’ve got a good grasp about the * box, but i would like to know, about the VMWARE version of *NOW (1.40),
How can I setup my modem in the asterisknow (1.4), in the virtual machine?
I’ve configured the modem serial port as a new device in the vmware, but how to configure and use it in asterisk as a FXO?

this will almost certainly not work.

asterisk cannot access modems via serial ports. There are a very select few modems that can work as X100 clone type cards, but zaptel has its own driver for those (and it’s not a serial port). if your modem is even compatible, you will need to expose it to the virtual OS directly if this is even possible (I don’t use vmware at all).

I’m about 99.99% sure vmware won’t work with a PCI card like this. vmware exports a certain set of virtual hardware to the guest OS, and telephony cards are not among them…

try using a usb modem

the first statement would rule out the second.

usb modems probably wotn work either. the only usb thing that will work is the internet linejack or internet phonejack product from quicknet(?) that was initially part of an asterisk developer kit.

Asterisk isn’t compatible with modems in general. The only reason some of them work is because the X100 card, a rebadged voice modem, was initially a Digium product back before the TDM400 supported FXO.

I will try to set the asterisk box in some PC here, directly, not in a virtual machine.
So the card that i need to buy is some of the Digium cards with at least one FXO module, correct?

you can use (amongst others) a Digium clone (often seen on eBay), a Digium TDM, or a Sangome A200 for connecting to analogue lines.

Thanks everybody!