Videosupport enabled -> no outgoing calls

Hello all,

I’ve been working with my Asterisk (v1.2.10; scared to upgrade…) for a while now and I’ve got it all but one thing working. Hoping that someone here can help me into the right direction.

When I put “videosupport=yes” in my sip.conf and also allow h261, h263 and h263p then somehow I can’t call outside. The call to an outside line (external phone) is being made and the external phone is ringing (for example my mobile phone), however whenever the external phone picksup/answers, asterisk starts Music On Hold automatically for the calling phone (my voip phone). Internally (voip -> softphone or softphone -> softphone and voip -> voip) all works fine.

This has probably something to do with codecs. Can somebody help me here!? I really would like to have video support :smile: Everything else works so beautifully (I even got presence working :smiley: ).

BTW.: The softphone that I’m using to test video is from Counterpath Bria v2.1.1

Thanks in advance!