Videoconference in Asterisk: media mixer sergio murillo


I’m searching application/plug-in to make a videoconference in astersik. I have found app_conference (it works well and i have made a patch for asterisk 1.6 compatibility) and media mixer of sergio murillo.

The installation is not simple, but after very long procedure it works

-latest ffmpeg svn code


Now I’m trying to make a call but is still difficult.

In sip.conf I add a user (as specified at

host= ip of sailfin
port=5070 port of sailfin

and extension in extension.conf

exten => 300,1,Dial(SIP/AS,)

Now I start the mcu in a machine CentOS 5.3 ./mcu 8090 and i get

./mcu 8090
[4955]>SetCompositionType [1,0]
[4955]-Slots [0[4955],0[4955],0[4955],0[4955]]
[4955]-Pos [0[4955],0[4955],0[4955],0[4955]]
[image2 @ 0x9a5a7e0]Could not open file : logo.png
[image2 @ 0x9a5a7e0]Could not find codec parameters (Video: 0x0000, yuv420p)
[4955]Couldn’t find stream information for the logo image file…
[4955]-Slots [0[4955],0[4955],0[4955],0[4955]]
[4955]-Pos [0[4955],0[4955],0[4955],0[4955]]
[flv @ 0x9a5a890]Codec for stream 0 does not use global headers but container format requires global headers
[4955]>Init FLV Stream Server
[4955]<Init FLV Stream Server [10100]
[4955]-Start [0xbf8e67e8]
[4955]>Run [0xbf8e67e8]
[4955]-Handler on /status
[4955]-Handler on /mcu
[4955]-Handler on /flv
[4955]-MixVideoThread [4955]
[4955]-ServerThread [4955]
[4955]>RunServer [0x9a3d078]

[4955]-Accepting connections [1]

It should work.

After I have launched sailfin on firefox with listener at port 5070.

I can add a conference room with different parameter, but i can’t connect to this rooms.

If try to add/invite a new user in a room (sip:user@ip:port), i will get a new user with null name and ip…

i also receive a call from asterisk with user mcu@null

Can somebody help me?

Thank you very much

PS I use asterisk and softphone eyebeam/xlite :cry: