Video quality of Asterisk

Hi Guys,

Our company is interest in using the video option for Asterisk.
After the installation, we have set up the settings for video.

Everything works perfectly, but the quality of the video seems quite low.
Is there any possibility to make the quality better in the local Asterisk settings.

After a search on google I found out that setting the max call bit rate higher will result in better quality.
Video calling seems a bit better, but we are wondering if there are also other possibility available to improve the quality.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hello @wesly1988 , it depends also which type of video IP phones you are using (if you use office phones) , do they have support for quality video like HD 1080, 720 etc ?

Hi @ekrem,

We are mainly using our mobile phones for this.
Maybe in the future we will switch over to office phones, but at this moment we are still testing asterisk with our mobile phones.

I should also add - the video encoding and quality is the responsibility of the sender. Asterisk merely forwards the SDP information to provide this information but ultimately it is up to the client.