Video Only Call / RTT Only Call

Does Asterisk support a call which is RTT only or Video only?

  • In case of a RTT only call (only RTT SDP was in the INVITE), Asterisk seem to respond back with a 404 Not Found.
  • In case of a Video only call (only Video SDP was in the INVITE), Asterisk seem to send back an OK with Video only in the SDP, but the call never gets routed internally. Also, after 6 seconds of the sending the OK, Asterisk is sending back a BYE.

Is there a limitation in Asterisk that requires all calls to have Audio?


Asterisk was originally written with audio in mind, and there are all sorts of assumptions across the code base that audio exists. Fully exercising everything and ensuring that video only, for example, works is not something anyone has really truly done.

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