Vicidial make outbound call

I am new to VICIdial and I have installed it in a virtual machine than I have created an extension from browser in the ip address of VICIdial.I could make a call in the extension 100 for example as sip client.
But now what I want is how can I make calls in a real phone number using VICIdial?

Vicidial use Asterisk as the PBX engine, so you need to configure a trunk which is called on vicidial as carrier. For more information visit the vicidial forum

Okay I saw this example:

My question is that I need to make outbound calls to numbers that have Slovenia prefix.
Here I can see ‘agi’ scripts for example call_log ,are these files embeded in vicidial I mean I do not need to create them?So how can I modify this example?

You’re going to need to ask the Vicidial people/community. In my experience, which spans quite some time, the Asterisk folks over here don’t have Vicidial experience.