Whats my number?

I have an asterisk server on my lan.

Port 4569 on my firewall is configured to forward to Asterisk Server.

My extension number is 601.

SHOULD people be able to get me on IAX2/601@

Because it dont seem to work.

(IP Address changed to protect the innocent).

do you have a default context setup for unknown iax incoming calls ?

no I don’t. Could you give me a little pointer?

I tried default context unknown callers in google without success.

Many thanks


Asterisk does things by context. Each extension that wants to dial out is in a context, and can only dial things that are in or are included in that context.
Also keep in mind- an extension (something you can dial) IS NOT A PHONE (the thing which rings)!!! Asterisk sees them as two very separate things. Thats why you need to set up the phone (sip/iax.conf) and then give it an extension (extensions.conf)

Your problem is almost certainly that un-authenticated iax calls (guest callers) are being either placed in a context that can’t dial you, or are not being placed at all.

somewhere in iax.conf you should see something like this:

callerid="Guest IAX User"

That is what you need. uncomment it (remove ;s before it if they are there) and set the context to something that can dial you AND NOTHING ELSE. If you set that to be the same context as your phone is in (as defined in sip/iax.conf) then anybody who calls in can dial out as if they are sitting at your phone! I suggest take the context that it has, say default, and add to it something like

exten => 601,1,Goto(context,601,1)
(replace context with something that CAN dial 601). this way only 601 matches from ‘default’ and it works.