Very new user - Difference between Asterisk and AsteriskHome

Hi All,

I am a very new user, can anyone tell me the difference between Asterisk and AsteriskHome?

Many thanks - Colin2710 - Colin

asterisk home i am recomending for you coz u r a biginer and easy to install

Thanks - but what is the difference ? - does AsteriskHome have less functions ?


has a gui (girls user interface)

has same functionality but you need to get your hands dirty within config files to do the more complex stuff.

the gui doesnt cater for all

Many thanks spoonz - Will let you all know how I get on !!!

Asterisk@Home is a compilation of Asterisk and various open source add-on’s – the ISO version even includes a self-configuring Linux distro called CentOS (whitebox RedHat Enterprise Linux v3). Net result it provides a relatively easy turnkey Asterisk installation - very good for beginners. Granted it comes at the risk of a sometimes buggy experience, however it is very easy and generally pretty stable/useful.

Asterisk is the powerful base system everything else is built upon.

download from here latest version asterisk@home1.3

and burn it to one CD just put in cd drive and reboot

after 30 minutes you will get A PBX

Best ofluck

download from here asterisk handbook


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