Silly Question - Difference between Asterisk& Asterisk@h

I’m a bit confused on the differences between Asterisk and

The later has a version of 2.6 and this site is 1.2.4.

My silly question is what is the difference? Are they the same?


apples and oranges. the AAH number is the revision of the AAH package, which contains asterisk itself. the former is 2.6 and presumably contains asterisk 1.2.4 (i think that’s the latest…) probably just a roll-up of bugfixes…

So the AAH package is based on this software? Perhaps I can be more specific.

My goal is to find a suitable replacement for our office phone system. We currently use an older Avaya system with a conservative 4 incoming copper lines in a hunt group. I have an older PIII dual 800 box that I plan on experimenting with to run a linux based phone system for the office.

Which would be a better solution for me. I’m an experienced linux administrator; however, I have limited knowledge of PBX & VOIP solutions. Would this system be too complex for me to use?

Thanks for you quick response to my silly questions :smile:


If you are a linux expert you are used to config files and editing this files. My advice is to read the book " Asterisk: the future of telephony" and install Xorcom Rapid on your test system and play around with it. Reading the book will fill in yout lack of knowledge and Xorcom Rapid is a ready to use Asterisk distribution based on debian sarge with a very clear structure in it’s config files and a menu with very handy config and monitoring tools.

Using Asterisk@Home will learn you how to use this gui userinterface, playing around with Xorcom Rapid will learn you how to configure an Asterisk box and what the real possibilities and limitations are.

Good luck and welcome to the club!

cough … A@H, while not the ideal setup for everyone, is a perfect way to start. chuck the disc in, reboot, tada !! one PBX.

sure, it’s GUI, but that doesn’t stop you editing the files yourself and even ditching AMP if you want, but you get a useful system up quickly.

agreed, bacon!

Thanks for all the replies! I really appreciate the feedback and will give it a go as a starting point :smile:

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