Version of asterisk and documentation

Hi, we currently evaluation the phone API to see what it can bring us, and I have a few questions, maybee someone can help me out:

1-I was told that Asterisk 11 would provide more features for the phone to use versus for example asterisk 1.6. Now I presume that means that using the digium phone api along with asterisk11 would allow me to use the pbx.request and send various “requests” to asterisk?

2-Anyone know where the documentation is located, I am currently using the api reference, but for example I wanted to tryout the pbx.request method, but I cannot find what the possible parameters that I can use. I found 2 examples which seem to require the use of switchvox as the PBX:

‘method’ : ’ switchvox.users.getMyInfo’,
‘loadingText’ : ‘Getting extension info’,
‘onSuccess’ : function (response) {

‘method’ : ‘switchvox.users.presence.options.getList’,
‘parameters’ : {
‘account_id’ : “1235”
‘loadingText’ : app.t(‘STATUSLIST_LOADING’),
‘onSuccess’ : function § {
util.debug(“We got status options”);

I would like to know where I can find all possible values for the “method” parameter.

Thanks in advance



pbx.request allows you to call any arbitrary method. Asterisk 11 doesn’t expose a standard set of methods like you’re seeing with Switchvox, it doesn’t have that kind of an API. Rather, pbx.request allows you to push a request out via AMI that can then be ready any application you’ve got that rides on AMI. Then, responses can be sent.

See - … andtheDPMA
"Interacting with Asterisk"

thanks malcomd, I think I’ll need to readup on dpma.