Access config XML


Anyway for me to identify the current phones extension within an app?

I know there is pbx.request however this is used in conjunction with Switchvox, am I right?

Your help would be appreciated.

Many thanks

Negative. Information about accounts isn’t propagated up, and extension is something that’s not related to the phone, rather the PBX.

What do you want to do with the phone’s account information?

Hi Malcolm,

We run our own in house PBX and with the Digium phone app I’m attempting to set some variables Asterisk DB however I need to have the phones extension to correctly store and retrieve this information.

Without an identifier in AstDB for the phone, I’m kinda stuff.

Any suggestions?

Actually, I had an idea. I could in theory store the extension number in for reading.

Unless you can provide any other alternatives?


You beat me to it. I had the same thought on the drive back from Atlanta to HSV. That’s exactly how I’d do it - drop in a key pair for the data you want provided to the app.