Various Issues with Asterisk

OK: 5 offices, each with an asterisk server, to be connected via IAX. All calls between the offices must be free. No VoIP provider, pure internet based connection.

  1. Guide to IAX Peering for multiple servers to make free intra-company connections.

  2. I have an existing system where we have 3 phone lines at our HQ… You call the main number, and get our voice prompting system. I would LOVE to trash this old system, and connect all the 3 phone lines to the asterisk server. Question: How do I pull that off? I cannot find anything on google. Do I need 3 modems? That sounds wack! Basicall, we have support for a maximum of 3 calls from the outide world to our HQ or vice versa…

  3. I need each office to have its own voice prompting system. So you call City 1, you get the list of employess for City 1, Call City 2, you get that list, etc. It shouldn’t be a problem seeing as each has its own server, right?

  4. Of the 3 lines, employees can use lines 1 and 2 to make outgoing calls. The 3rd line is for the executive employees only (to gaurantee line availability). However, incoming calls can utilize all three lines.

Please Help!

we need to stop meeting like this (or i need to do more work) !!

  1. see

  2. depending on how your service provider provisions your lines. are they POTS ? you need a Digium Wildcard TDM400P (TDM03B will be the model). look at this page.

  3. right. as many “voice menus” as you like per site. directory apps will obviously be fed from that site/data.

  4. you need to read about contexts. restrict the “private” line by setting different contexts for your users with regard to outbound routes.