Variable Ineritance for CHANNEL(language)

Right now, we’re having to set ${CHANNEL(language)} in destinations that are Local channels.

I’m trying to figure out how to let the local channels inherit the parent language. In most cases, the double underscore works, but using Set(__CHANNEL(language)=foo) throws an error.

Is there a way to have child local channels inherit the parent language?

Asterisk 16.latest / PJSIP

I don’t know if that ever worked (function inheritance). Best option is to set a variable in the parent channel with __ prefix for language and use it to set CHANNEL(language) in child channel/s.

Yes, that works.

But, all peers will follow same language from general section at sip.conf until you change at peer specific section.

If you have one Asterisk that receive calls from many countries, the best way is set language at incoming context.

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