Variable inheritance in new channels

Dear all,

By using the syntax Set(__FOO=test) in a channel the variable __FOO is inherited in a new child channel.
However, If I change the value of __FOO (eg Set(__FOO=testAgain) ) in a child channel the value in the parent channel variable is NOT changed.

Is there any way to change the parent variable in a child channel?
I’m very reluctant to use global variables since there will be a large number of variables (one for every call).

Or is there any other good way to send information from a child channel to the parent channel? Basically I will get some status information from the child which the parent needs to be able to process.

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According to … 20713.html, there is no parent-child relationship between two channels, even when one channel creates the other. “Inherited” variables are a copy in the new channel.

There have been many discussions (try search the mailing list archive) about ways to exchange information in the situation you are contemplating, but I haven’t seen a universal way that’s good in all situations. In addition to global variables, you can try AstDB. It’s more flexible.

OK, I see.
I’ll have to do a workaround for this then.
Thanks a lot for your reply!