v1.2 vs. v1.0.10

I’m in the middle of converting my company over to an Asterisk phone system. I’ve got the 1st of our 5 branches set up on Asterisk 1.0.9 using a pretty simple AMP 1.10.009 implementation (6 phones 3 CO lines, 2 ring-groups & 3 voicemail boxes)

My question is:
Can anyone think of a reason that I shouldn’t set up the rest of the branch offices on Asterisk v1.2 with AMP 1.10.010?

I usually mistrust software which has only been released recently, and I’m a little bit concerned that 1.2 may have more bugs or problems than v1.0.9 did.

If the current version runs fine for you and you do not require the new features in v1.2, then I say stay with what you have for now. But do plan an upgrade policy/procedure going forward, as you will eventually want to do so I would imagine.