Asterisk realtime registration SIP

Hi to all,
I’m trying to configure asterisk 11 to register to a SIP provider without success.
I created the table sipfriends and sipregs (as view).
Phones register to asterisk without problem but registration to provider won’t work.

I configured etconfig in this way:

sippeers => odbc,asterisk,sipfriends
sipusers => odbc,asterisk,sipfriends
sipregs => odbc,asterisk,sipregs

enabled => yes
dsn => mysql_odbc
username => xxxxx
password => yyyyy
pre-connect => yes

I inserted in the table:
INSERT INTO sipfriends (name, defaultuser, host, sippasswd, fromuser, fromdomain, regserver)
VALUES (‘101’, ‘101’, ‘dynamic’, ‘101’, ‘101’, ‘’, ‘’);

Thank you

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Please use support forums for support requests.

You appear to be expecting the ITSP to register with you. I am not aware of any that will do that. You need a static address for them.

sorry for the post in the wrong session.
I would like replace the register => string in the sip.conf. I can’t use for this the sipregs table ?

I don’t know if it is supported by Asterisk Realtime. I can’t imagine it would be a high priority. I have a feeling it can only be done using callbackextension.

However, you still need to specify a non-dynamic address for the ITSP.

Thank you for the help, adding host and callbackextension worked :smiley:

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Hi @mtonini
Can u please help me how u did that? Same problem I m also facing…

Using these is extensively documented in the sample configuration file.

If you are still having problems, please provide the configuration you used and the resulting logs.

Yesh got it…thanks…