Using Polycom IP 400

I have several Polycom IP 400 phones that I used with an Altigen setup once. Can I use these with Asterix? If so, how should I configure them to talk to Asterix? I set up the Asterix @ home VMware image and it boots and runs. The phone support a variety of H323 protocols including G711 and G723.1.

The web site says Asterix supports H.323, however when I try to call it with a Netmeeting client (or the phone) it doesn’t respond.

Also, my bonus question is, can Asterix use Altigen boards?

Thanks a super bunch!

Ok, a little more reading and I have discovered that Asterix does not support H.323. One needs to get an additional product available here … /#section4

Great, however there are no instructions posted anywhere on that site.

How do I download and install the plug in?


OK, I guess I’m the only person who is using H.323 with Asterisks. :smiley:

Well, I did find this page … th%20OH323

I guess being a newbie I should wait a while till my forehead is sufficiently flat from banging it against the monitor before asking why I’m having so much trouble getting Asterisk to work with my Polycom IP 400, a very popular phone…or so I thought.

I ran through the instructions in the link and I can’t figure out what they want me to do. I’d appreciate any suggestions.

The “documentation” asks the user to wget a directory earlier in the instructions, but doesn’t tell me how to unpack it.

Then later,

cd openh323
patch -p1 < asterisk-oh323-0.6.5/openh323_1.13.5-make.patch

However I do not have an openh323 directory.


Further research revealed this page, which also provided ne’er a drop of documentation regarding how to install H.323 into Asterisk.

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