Using dial command to a ring group

It is possible to use the dial command to call a ring group

exten=> s,n, Dial(SIP/)

What channel type I should put instead of SIP to call the ring group or are there any other command to do that?


Ring group is a term used by Asterisk GUIs, not by Asterisk itself.

They are either implemented by using &s in the Dial application parameter (see documentation) or by using ringall queues.

I was look for dial plan to call a ring group instead of using
exten=> s,n, Dial(SIP/1000&SIP/1002)

if I can dial a ring group, then I can used the GUI to add/remove the extension from the ring group and no need to edit extension custom conf file.


Ring groups do not exist in Asterisk. They are a contruct created by the GUI.