Dial Ring Group from Internal Extension

If this is a repeated post please forgive, I have been unable to located the required information.

Using Asterisk@home 2.5.

I have created several ring groups to call different extensions and cell phones. Work great when a call is coming from an external source because one can set the inbound routing to call the ring group.

What I want to do now is set it up so that if a person dials an internal extension it will call the ring group for the extension.

Any ideals.


First you will need to go to an extension in AMP (Asterisk Management Portal)
Look at the ‘Context’ field and note it down.

Now you need to go into the config files, try extensions.conf first and search for this context. If not there try the extensions-custom.conf and extensions-additional.conf.

When you find it you will need to add an exten file follows:

exten => 456,1,Dial(SIP/201&SIP/202&SIP/203)

The above is an example so when you dial 456 it will dial extension 201, 202 and 203 all at the same time.

Make sure you reload asterisk or config files before you try it

When you define your ring group in AMP, just set the “group number” as an extension number (such as 3001) and put any number of extesion numbers you want in the “extension list”. Then you can dial 3001 from any extension and that’s all. All the extensions in the ring group will ring.


Thanks dani22!

That was way to easy :smiley: