Using Audacity to edit/save voice prompts?

I would like to edit and save some wav files so that they can be used as voice prompts.

If you order a prompt from “Allison” Digium provides several file formats, the one that works is a 16-bit 8khz PCM (wav).

I can open this in Audacity, edit it and export it as a WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM file and it will play properly.

However if I take a Stereo Wav file, change the rate to 8khz (then speed it up by 451% to compensate), export it the same, it does not play.

Does anyone know how to convert a 44100 wav with Audacity to be used with Asterisk?

or using some other program?



on a Linux machine you can use sox to convert wav into gsm and then use it as a voice prompt.