Using asterisk with SIP router

Hi I have a Draytek Vigor DSL router with 2 Voip ports into which i can plug handsets. (so FXS i guess)

What i want to do is use Asterisk with a x100p card to my BT phone line.
having incoming calls routed to the Handset in the router.

and having outgoing calls from the router handsets go via asterisk before being routed either over my phoneline (x100p conneced) or back out over the internet to my SIP providers (1899 for landlines and 18866 for mobile)

Can anyone help me with the setup step i might need to go through.

I’m waiting for my x100p to arrive at the moment
but just need to think the steps through.

i’m guessing :-
1, Setup the router to talk to the asterisk box.
I can probably work that out.
(SIP settings, assuming the router will talk back inside its own network)

2 get the asterisk box to accept the router connected handsets as devices that can make calls.
not sure how to do this yet. (SIP gateway ?)

3, get the asterisk box to makes calls via 1899 & 18866.
not sure how to do this yet. but guess it should be pretty normal.

4, install and config x100p
guess i should be ok…

5, get the asterisk box to make calls via the x100p
probably ok too.

6, get the asterisk box to accept incoming calls via x100p and route the call to one or both of the handsets on the router.
no idea.

7, have the asterisk decide if it should use x100p, or SIP to make outgoing calls based on number dialled.
no idea.

8, disable certain calls types at certain times
my daughter uses the phone way too much…and when i’m asleep :smile:

have i missed anything obvious ?
or made any screaming assumptions that are invalid ?

Any help would be gratefully accepted
Thanks in advance.


Just recieved my Vigor 2800VG today and am hoping to do pretty much the same as you (although we have a pbx in the office I want to connect to). If I manage to work out how to do it I’ll let you know, in the meantime if anyone has done it before would be v interested to hear about it :smile:

yes well i did get the vigor bits to work ok.
successfully had calls to/from a software SIP phone to the Vigor ports and vice-versa.

I’m using asterisk at home (whatever the most recent version is)

havn’t taken it much further as a had some trouble with the x100p card.
originally had a ‘generic’ card… which was recognised no problem.

but bought a ‘real’ x100p card with the intention of trying the CallerID patch as i’d like to route withheld and other numbers directly to voicemail.
(but i’m not really sure about all that patching stuff as i’m not a linux user really, also not sure if i should attempt to patch AAH. or if thats something that really should only be done on a less ‘packaged’ asterisk installation.)

but the ‘real’ x100p card just wouldn’t be recognised in my hardware
so eventually having got a replacement ‘real’ x100p card and finding it still didn’t work i have just finished rebuilding it into another PC.
where it is recognised.

so now i’m trying to set everything back up again from scratch.
and its been a couple of months since i did it before so i’ll have to work it out again now.

anyway…getting the Vigor ports to work was pretty straightforward ISTR.
just make sure you have the latest vigor firmware, most of the recent updates for the vigor address Voip issues.

but i have had no luck at all getting the outbound call routing working so far. but will re visit that very soon i hope.

please let me know how you get on.

best regards