Using asterisk queue with Dialogic Diva V-4PRI/E1/T1

I am using asterisk 1.8 with Dialogic Diva V-4PRI/E1/T1 . i’ve 4 cards and 30 mobile channels in each card

so far i can handle inbound and outbound call in dialplan . my question is can I handle all other functions of asterisk like call transfer, call parking and specially queue management between two mobile numbers ??

i like to know how i can register one mobile number as an agent in my queue .

Using local channel

When using Local channels for queues, they are added just like any other channels. In the queues.conf file, adding a Local channel would look like this:

; queues.conf
member => Local/123456@MemberConnector ; pass the technology to dial over
; and the device identifier,
; separated by a hyphen. We’ll
; break it apart inside the
; MemberConnector context.

thank you very much for your response. yes sir, i’ve just read it in " The Definitive Guide " . but cant understand how to write the MemberConnector context in our Dialplan .

i use chan_capi and ISDN channel for dialing and my dial pattern is


can u help me out about writting MemberConnector Context and also sip.conf configuration ??


MemberConnector has no meaning to Asterisk. It is likely to be a name you chose yourself.

thanks a lot . i’ve implanted it successfully .

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