Call Queues and local channels

I have been working with the following second example from the Wiki page Agents without Channel. With some changes, I have something that mostly works. I believe the problem I now have is with the Queue application transferring calls to the Local channels that are created.

When the Queue application sends a call to a Local channel and the actual SIP phone is picked up, the dialplan continues processing without waiting for the call to end. I believe this behavior is the same as when you use a local channel with the /n switch.

Is there a way to get around this at all? I believe if the Queue application would dial with the /n switch, I would get the result I desire. At the same time, maybe there is a better way to get this done?


I’ve recently created topic similar to yours. It’s on the second page now .
I also have problems with Local channels, but I don’t understand yours. Using AQM or RQM you can add to the queue Local channel with /n switch but you will have another problem with transfers. You can read about in the topic created by me.