Using Asterisk for Dictation System , using single port

I am in a hospital environment, i need to setup a system so that doctors can dial a single hotline number such as (7777) and using the IVR system , should be able to record there clinical details.

Does Asterisk server support such interface ?

I cannot use IPPhones or softphone.The hospital cannot upgrade to any IP phones.

I have a server that can be used to store the recorded messages and diverted for transcription.

Do i have to buy modem racks so that people can dial in or can a single modem handle multiple lines.

I tried using Dial Dictate it works fine, But need to know if asterisks have something to offer, with out even purchasing a modem rack.

Its urgent , i have to take a quick desicion and implement it.

Thanks in advance

What kind of PBX does the hospital have now ? You may want to connect the hospitals current PBX to asterisk via a T1 card. Also once you are creating such a solution with asterisk I would have an agi where the doctors enter an id number so the person transcribing it knows right away who the doctor is and you can then maybe attach the wav file to the doctors profile.

I think you can use an sip/fxo gateway to connect your pbx to Asterisk.


Marco Bruni