New User Questions:

I’m new to this product and it looks pretty cool. A couple quick questions: Does this from Ebay sound like a good thing to get up to speed, or is it a waste? … 42604&rd=1
Signate’s VoIP Telephony with Asterisk Book and CD set quickly and easily turns a PC with an internet or PSTN telephone connection into a telephone PBX.

Install Signate’s Asterisk Installation 2005 CD set onto a PC and you have a VoIP PBX ready for configuration. VoIP Telephony with Asterisk, the best-selling introduction to the leading open source PBX software, shows you how to complete the basic PBX and go on from there.

2nd question is can I use Asterisk to make a Sip/T1 gateway? Basically making it into like a Cisco AS5300 ??


The only thing that auction really provides is the book, you can download Asterisk. You can get the book on amazon for about $40 … s&n=507846

A Digium T100P allows Asterisk to use a PRI and it supports SIP so I guess the answer to your AS5300 question is yes.