Use asterisk to control 2 different carriers

Hi, I want to make my asterisk server to control my carrier settings and only use it as outbound, i need some simple configurations just to control carriers, make agents login and dialplan for UK, i have idea to make agents but i don’t know how to make more then 2 carriers in settings and how to configure dialplan context,

Please help if you can

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Use different technology specific device addresses based on dialplan code that implements your routing policy.

I have a similar thread here: Second Incoming VoIP IAX Connection

However I’m asking the opposite thing: to add a number as incoming-only. Maybe an answer to one of our questions will help the other. :slight_smile: (not sure)

You should consider installing FreePBX, it will make your life easier and can achieve everything you need.


this website solve my problem