Multiple Inbound routes. CAN I?

Can I use 2 IVR’s for two diffrent Phone number. Lets say that I have 2 businesses, and I would like to connect them to the same Asterisk box.

How do I set up 2 diffrent Inbound routes? ! from VoIP, the 2’nd one from PSTN ( X100P).

easy. put the IVRs in different contexts. use context= in sip.conf and zapata.conf to put the zaptel card and the sip channel in the two different contexts. bingo, instant new ivr. If your extensions are in their own context, you can include => that in both if you want…

What about a 2 VoIP providers scenario ?

same thing. have outgoing contexts for each provider, and include=> them into only one of the contexts each. when a user dials a pstn number, it will only go to the outgoing provider included to his context.