Use AMI to send re-Invite


Im using AMI to create an outbound call (using action: originate) to joint peer to a conference.

Is it possible to send re-Invite for this channel using AMI? If not, how could i force sending re-invite (or update) on such channel if for example peer added another media stream?

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There is no control of such a thing in AMI. Any reinvites as such are internally determined/created/etc. You’d need to specify what type of media stream you are referring to, as well as Asterisk version.

Sorry, I forgot to write the software version.

This is Asterisk 16.2.1~dfsg-2ubuntu1. By the way, I read your blog about WebRTC integration in SFU architecture :slight_smile:

And more or less this is the case, I just don’t use classic webrtc connection because from third party I received an application client that returns several SDPs during operation (this client is sending events with SDP when new participant joins their conference ).

So I made my own java peer. Call is originated from Asterisk. In INV i have sdp from asterisk (webrtc variant, so srtp, ice and dtls), TRYING, RINGING, OK200 (here is 1st sdp from client), but after some time the application client returns the information that a stream from a new participant is available. At this stage I would like to provoke re-INVITE to return several streams in SDP to asterisk’s ConfBridge.

Only one method which i found is PJSIP_SEND_SESSION_REFRESH, but I don’t know how to force refreshing of originated connection created from AMI

Is there any method to provoke an update or re-Invite on such channel?

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That version of Asterisk does not support such a thing, and there is no mechanism to control the streams or allow you to add/remove any.

In version 18 are such mechanisms?

I believe what Joshua is saying is that no version of Asterisk supports third party requests for re-INVITEs, and that your version of Asterisk doesn’t even support first party addition of media streams, but Asterisk 18 does allow SDP to be used to add media streams.

But that’s great news, actually. Because in total, I can force an UPDATE from the other side and add additional streams in sdp.

Found it: ASTERISK-28938

I’m going to upgrade to 18

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