ReInvite sent after ACK with same SDP using PJSIP

Hello Everyone,

I currently manage over 100 Asterisk boxes and started the process of moving them to Asterisk 16 with PJSIP.

I have been testing the implementation with a number of SIP Providers. During outgoing calls, I have noticed that Asterisk sends multiple re-invites after 200 OK. This is not something we have seen happening before and its not something I am familiar with.

What I find strange is that the re-INVITE contains the same SDP and message body as the original INVITE. Moreover, one of our providers requires us to fix this.

I have researched the documentation and have been unable to find any reference to this behavior. Has anyone encountered this before please or am I missing something?

Thank you in advance.


There are two open issues[1][2] for this. If you ensure that the endpoint is limited to the supported codecs then it may resolve the issue immediately.


Thank you so much! Reducing codecs only to the supported ones has mitigated the issue.

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