USB Versus PoE Phones

Does Asterisk support both phones plugged into USB and PoE ports?

That’s not a very good question. Could you be more specific?

I’m sorry you feel that way. Let me try to make it simpler for you. A computer has USB and PoE ports. Will Asterisk work with phones plugged into those types?

Does that help you? If not, please tell me what you don’t understand.

I had hoped for some specific examples so that I could be more helpful.

For example, Polycom has a CX300 R2 USB Desk phone that’s a Microsoft/Skype for Business phone. To my knowledge, that’s not acting as a phone that’s independent of the software application (Skype) that’s running on the host computer. It’s not running a full stack that allows it to communicate directly with anything; the stack is the PC-based application.

Whereas any of the Digium D-Series or Sangoma S-Series phones, or even the Polycom VVX line of phones, which aren’t USB powered or signaled phones, do run a full stack on them and communicate with Asterisk using SIP. These are all wireline phones that communicate over ethernet and may be provided inline power by PoE switches or injectors.

If a person desires to assume anything, it would have been better to assume that no PBX system had yet been set up and no phone had yet been purchased - which is actually the case. The capabilities of the software are what sets the hardware options in this case.

I initially locked this, then I reconsidered and unlocked it. Then, as I was composing my reply, I reconsidered again, and decided that locking it was the best course of action. I have a fair bit of experience in this area (phones), and my attempt to help tease out more information so that the poster could be better helped was rebuffed twice.