USB Voip Gateway with Asterisk

Good Morning guys i have a question.

Somebody had an asterisk server with Voip Gateway connected via USB?

in my company we have some wavecom like Q2403 our reseller say to us this device are TCP/IP compatible but they have only female USB 2.0 connector.

We have an asterisk server on Virtual Machine on EXSI 5.5 but i don’t know if is possible connect USB VOIP GATEWAY to asterisk or if there are any converter for that wavecom

i hope somebody can help me :slight_smile:
thanks in advice

best regards marco

I’ve heard of the Astribank before.

thanks for the reply but is not the device i looking for :frowning:

If you want to use USB interface the options are only the Xorcom Astribank and a Sagnoma 2 port pstn usb adapter.
Also they have to be connected to physical machine and not a vm. Might work but Xorcom or Sagnoma don’t support this kinda of setup. Just a buy a network gateway easier and cheaper. The device that you have I think doesn’t work with Asterisk.

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