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how to use dial plan WITH ARGUMENTS?

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What do you mean by ARGUMENTS? Please indicate exactly what part of the wiki is confusing you?

There re arguments list below syntax of Dial(Technology/Resource&[Technology2/Resource2[&…]],[timeout,[options,[URL]]]) in the wiki document. I am confusing to use syntax with given arguments. i need some tutorial to understand it. Just it …
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If you simply mean with channel variables substituted, this is not done by the individual applications. The dialplan interpreter is, effectively, a macro processor, and performs those substitutions before invoking the application. There are many examples of this in the sample extensions.conf, supplied with Asterisk.

Dial(SIP/10000) <= where and how to put arguments

Please explain what you mean by the arguments. You already have one argument to the application, “SIP/1000”. Other arguments to the application follow, separated by commas.

The use of “[]” to indicate optional is extremely venerable - at last 60 years old, if not older. The use of ellipsis is less common, but, I would have thought obvious.

Have you looked at the concrete examples in extensions.conf.sample?

Also, the fact that you are asking such basic questions suggests this is a new system, in which case, you should, almost certainly be using PJSIP, rather than chan_sip.

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