Dial options via ARI


The Dial() application in Asterisk provides a few additional options that can be passed in e.g. Dial with ‘g’ continuation option,Dial with call length limit etc

Full list can be seen here : https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Asterisk+15+Application_Dial

My question is how can I pass these via ARI as under the channels dial (POST /channels/{channelId}/dial) ARI endpoint we have channelId, caller and timeout only that can be specified.


Although I haven’t used ARI myself, my understanding is that it exposes the internal APIs that native applications would use, rather than providing access to those applications. If correct, that would mean you would need to implement any of other options of Dial explicitly in your code.

That is correct, it doesn’t expose the dial application. Any features you want that aren’t present, you have to implement yourself using the other primitives.

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Thank you for the response.

@jcolp can you please elaborate a bit on the other primitives that are available. In the ARI documentation I don’t see any endpoint(s) which I can use to achieve this functionality.


You’ll need to give an example of what you want to do, but I have nothing else to add outside of the documentation… they are low level primitives that when used together can be used to implement things. Building blocks essentially. You generally won’t find any that do tons of stuff.

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