Hi All
Iam having a PDA (smart handset) that is supported to SIP ,I have configured that PDA with my asterisk server .As iam giving the call to the PDA from another client ,voice transferring is happening for few seconds(30) but after that from PDA some distortion is coming .PDA gets hangs .
When i ping that pda it showed request time out

Can anyone tell me whats the problem

What program are you using on the pda? It could be the wireless connection that the pda is connected to.

I vote wifi as well. Make sure the wireless base is not being over loaded. How far are you from the wireless base ?

1:On a PDA we have ported WINCE & then we are running SIP application on to it We get connected with the asterisk server .For a while its running ok but after that disstortion is coming on PDA side .
Is it possible its because of gain settings

2: My PDA is within the same LAN only