[URGENT] registration info not syncing betwen servers


I have 2 servers behind my load balancer.
Registration of users is load balanced.
e.g 201 registers – registered on server 1
202 registers – registered on server2
203 registers – registered on server1
204 registers – registered on server2

201 and 203 being on same servers , call goes through fine between them.However, 201 -> 202 doesn’t happen.

I made configuration changes in my extension.conf to hard code the extensions for lookup if call for an extension comes which is registered on the other server.However, the lookup sequence is little awry and doesn’t function consistently.
Not really sure if the configuration sequence in extension.conf is correct.

I need a setting wherein the registration information between my servers sync automatically and calls go freely across users configured on different as well as same servers.

Below is the extract from my configuration files:


switch => DUNDi/priv

;exten => 201,1,NoOp
exten => 202,1,NoOp
;exten => 203,1,NoOp
;exten => 204,1,NoOp

;exten => 201,1,Goto(home|201|1)
exten => 202,1,Goto(home|202|1)
;exten => 203,1,Goto(home|203|1)
;exten => 204,1,Goto(home|204|1)

;include => lookupdundi
;exten => 101,1,Dial(SIP/101)
;exten => 102,1,Dial(SIP/102)
;exten => 103,1,Dial(SIP/103)
;exten => 104,1,Dial(SIP/104)

;exten => 201,1,Dial(SIP/201)

exten => 202,1,Dial(SIP/202)
;exten => 202,1,Answer
;exten => 202,2,Dial(SIP/202|30|tr)
;exten => 202,3,Hanghup

;exten => 203,1,Dial(SIP/203)
;exten => 203,1,Answer
;exten => 203,2,Dial(SIP/203|30|tr)
;exten => 203,3,Hanghup

;exten => 204,1,Dial(SIP/204)

;exten => 201,1,Goto(lookupdundi|${EXTEN}|1)
exten => 202,1,Goto(lookupdundi|${EXTEN}|1)
;exten => 203,1,Goto(lookupdundi|${EXTEN}|1)
;;exten => 204,1,Goto(lookupdundi|${EXTEN}|1)
;;exten => _204,1,Goto(lookupdundi|${EXTEN}|1)




bindaddr= [serevr IP]
entityid=00:e0:81:33:ff:0a [server MAC]

priv => dundiextens,0,IAX2,priv:${SECRET}@${NUMBER},nopartial

; Sample Secondary e164 DUNDi peer details
model = symmetric
host =
;inkey = dundi
;outkey = dundi
include = priv
permit = priv
qualify = yes
order = primary