Users Information Syncing to All servers behind a Load Balan

I have two asterisk servers behind my load balancers. The user registration is load balanced across both the asterisk servers. The users which are registered to server1 can make call to all the users who are registered to server1. Similarly the users who registered to server2 can call users who are registered to server2. But I am not able to make the calls from users who are registered to server1 to the users who are registered to server2, and the users of server2 to server1 users.

I believe it is not a load balancer responsibility to register to all the servers. How do we sync the user registration information to all the servers?.. Please advice. It is urgent.


This is the wrong forum for Asterisk Support questions.

Generally peer support forums are not concerned about the urgency of your requirement.

If there is a quick solution, it will be related to IAX and/or the “switch” feature in the dialplan, but I have used neither.

You could probably also cross feed failed calls to the other machine, to arrive in a context that would not re-forward them. This will degrade the load balancing.

Otherwise, I think you will not find a solution that is compatible with an “urgent” time frame.

Why was it not obvious that this would be a problem at the design stage?

Hey david,

Can you please refer to the link below which has details of the iax and dundi conf files.

Just in case you have a solution.

Hi David,
I understood using the IAX, dundi and switch we can look for user information with the other servers. But my problem is users can load balanced to any of the servers. So I cannot make a hard coded extensions.conf and dundi.conf. Is there any way to sync the users information dynamically to all other servers configured behind the load balancers.

On which forum I should have ask my Asterisk Support questions?