Upgrading Zaptel and Asterisk

Im running aah 2.8 and want to upgrade to the latest versions of zaptel and asterisk. I downloaded the latest version and put them in /usr/src/ zaptel and asterisk. I then ran a make clean and make install on first zaptel and then asterisk.

When I reboot the system the old version of zaptel and asterisk are still used. What am I doing wrong?


did you stop Asterisk/amportal first ?

emm, no - how do you stop them ?

at the shell prompt amportal stop

that should kill Asterisk and the FOP, can’t remember whether you need to use service zaptel stop too (i think it depends on how old your amportal script is)

it might be worth checking that Asterisk is dead before stopping zaptel and ‘make install’, killall safe_asterisk; killall asterisk … i’ve seen instances where additional modules like OH323 can prevent Asterisk from stopping cleanly.

I just tried again - shutdown zaptel and asterisk and then ran the make clean and install and after rebooting its still running the old versions !!!