Upgrading tar.gz (solve)

after cultivating google for asterisk echo cancellation i hands up
no matter what value i put on echocancel,echotraining,rxgain and txgain
i do still have echo when doing a conversation with ip phone and pstn phone.

many success stories and different values but it doesnt help me.

but fxs phone and ip phone has no echo(calls will not go to telco). only this pstn phone make me CRAZY.(which go to telco)

its almost two weeks solving this issue with TE110P, Rhino Cbank, Asterisk-1.2.10 and Zaptel-1.2.7.

now i would like to try Latest version of Zaptel and Asterisk but im worried about errors as i can not upgrade thru “update” as installed tar.gz release not the svn.

so what would be the right step in upgrading with tar.gz release.?
im afraid to harm installed files which is working(such as Asterisk and W2k SybasASE connectivity) and will be destroy buy hoping to solve ECHO problem in a way of upgrading into latest version.

what about this transcoding? what is this about?
is it true i can not make linux26 anymore w/ latest version?

plese help.

just please consider if its early bump just nothing to post coz i can not work with the (queue) task as this makes me stuck.

i know this was posted last Mon Feb 26, 2007 7:04 am
and now its feb27 7:11PM :smile:

another day for waiting:(

what i have done?

im seekiing answer for for almost one week.

and i start thinking what i have done no one from any of many expert who had an idea to upgrade tar.fz files.

i just receive the the license for HPEC and got problem with version zaptel 1.2.7 now i would like to install latest tar.gz .

i dont want to mess my system as i have a running * box only this echo make me stuck

by your post count, i would assume you’ve been using Asterisk for some time now, and have some experience. have you been using the same build all this time ?

the methodology for upgrading is the same as for installing … untar, make and changes to your makefiles for extra apps, make any make install. then test.

if you want me to give you a hand via SSH let me know.

ok thanks for clrafying Sir, i really appreciate it.
honestly i use this asterisk for many months but im not confident to make
upgrade as im worried about new errors to come with new release. just like “transcoding” matter when i did Asterisk-1.2.15 installation in another box.
im still doin the untar installation and not the svn.

i should let you SSH on monday in my system. maybe you could help
me about echo although i have HPEC license but it didnt run as it says
"HPEC is not included in your built…". i have zaptel-1.2.7 and worried to make upgrade with latest zaptel tar.gz and remain asterisk-1.2.10 (zaptel is new and * is not) coz *-1.2.10 is doing fine.

id like to reduce trial and error method in * side as it is quite ready for deployment only this echo make me stuck.

The HPEC README did not clarify that i have to use this zaptel-version
but it say “The HPEC is integrated with zaptel-1.2.13 and 1.4.1” and there is a step to download HPEC.tar.gz which i presume its ok not to use zaptel-1.2.13 as i will download and untar HPEC.tar.gz

Thank you very much sir for your patience…


You will not be able to use HPEC against any Zaptel revision in the 1.2 series earlier than 1.2.13.

ok before i will get mess my system. is it fine to have zaptel-1.2.13 and asterisk-1.2.10(co-released of zaptel-1.2.7)? i mean these version were released not on the same time

I can’t say that for sure; however, since they’re both of the 1.2 series, you will probably be okay. I apologize, but I don’t have the time to invest in testing your scenario, you’ll have to do it yourself.


its okey pal. i il do it today god bless me.
by the way what could you recomend on upgrading…
ihave this directory
do i need to remove first the whole zaptel-1.2.7 and compile latest zaptel
or just leave it there and compile in this dir /usr/src/asterisk/zaptel-latest?

do this

cd /usr/src
kill zaptel and asterisk (possibly with service asterisk stop and service zaptel stop)
wget path.to.latest.asterisk.tarball. … bly.1.2.16
wget path.to.latest.zaptel.tarball.presumably.1.2.15
tar -zxvf asterisk-tarball.tar.gz
tar -zxvf zaptel-tarball.tar.gz (replace this and the above with the first two files you downloaded)
cd zaptel-version-you-just-untarred
make install
make config
service zaptel restart
cd …/asterisk-version-you-just-untarred
make install
make config
service asterisk restart

you should now be running the newer version…

in short you can have many /usr/src/asterisk-version type folders, same with zaptel, your system will ‘use’ whichever one you most recently make installed.

thats GREAT!!, thank you for helping…
if il stuck expect me to ask questions again.
again thank realy!!

also just to note if you previously had LibPRI installed on your system you should upgrade that too…

how about those asterisk-addons and asterisk-sounds?
also the “make linux26” in zaptel installation coz i have kernel-2.6 @ debian-3.1?


i have this one error in last part of verbose when doing “make” its about

and when i did " make install" i received this error

i use FreeTDS for my SybaASE(W2K) and Asterisk connectivity…
this is what i had worried about upgrading and result problem with my running system.

please help me point it out

yes you should also upgrade asterisk-addons adn sounds if there is an available upgrade for them…

as for the other bit, you can either upgrade it to make asterisk compile right or remove mentions of it from the Makefiles… which will of course remove that functionality from *(

what about this error? could you please tell me what its telling about?

do you want to use tds for cdr in Asterisk ? it’s complaining about an older version of tds found. either upgrade that, or edit the makefile so that it doesn’t try to compile that module.

hi sir baconbuttie:

as of now i can not tell if im going to use cdr. but today im using FreeTDS for SybaseASE connectivity, what is the difference between FreeTDS and TDS.?
is there other way of accessing call detail recording (cdr) aside from TDS.?

you can use csv, mysql, etc etc.

my advice would be to comment out that cdr module from compilation and try it.