Security advisories - upgrade question

Currently running * 1.4.14 on a Centos5.0 AMD64 box with a rhino card, it has been up for nearly three months, no problems.
Today a security advisory shows that there are some SIP vulnerabilities and as I use SIP and Snom phones and looking to open my system to VOIP provider I feel the need to update.
Now the questions…I have read lots of stuff about how to install etc and have no problems with doing the needed compiling but have failed to get an understanding of how and when the various components need to be re-compiled.
e.g. it has been some time since I upgraded the kernel to the latest Centos5 build, so now that I’m preparing to upgrade * I’m thinking about the inter-relationships.

  1. If I upgrade the kernel does * break? what about zaptel? rhino driver?
  2. I know that the NVIDiA native (tainted I know) driver needs re-compiling everytime I upgrade the kernel. Which items in the rhino / zaptel / libpri / * stack are similarly affected?
  3. If I just want to bump the kernel and the * version from 1.4.14 (current) to (latest stable) what needs to be rebuilt?
    I realize these are similar questions, however I cannot find suitable docs that clearly explain how all these items relate as I have no such issues with firefox etc. :question:

Could you post a link to the advisories ?
you may find they dont affect you are are a dos attack


Also in general if the vulnerability is in asterisk you may not need to re-compile zaptel.

Not sure how to post link to advisories, is this another forum?
The real issue for me is I would like to understand the dependencies.
If I upgrade the kernel what breaks?
If I upgrade zaptel what breaks - if anything?
I am now working on a live system that cannot afford to be down or broken, so before I reboot with the latest Centos5 kernel I want to know if I need to recompile everything, nothing, just xxxx
At this point it seems the safe bet is compile it all, so looks like a late night coming up. :frowning:

You will need to recompile zaptel if you upgrade the kernel. It is not the end of the world.
cd /usr/src/zaptel
make clean
make && make install

If you are using ztdummy you will first need to run make menuselect

You also may need ./configure (been a while since I built zaptel 1.4.X).

And an entire upgrade really takes less time than it does to write this message, no late nights involved.

If the box is in production why are you upgrading kernels, I understand being worried about security reports and I would deal with those as well, but that is an * upgrade no?