Upgrading with TDM04B

We are running Asterisk, with a single TDM04B card. We want to expand the number of incoming lines we can support. I’m not very knowledgeable in this area, so I hope I’m not asking anything totally stupid :smile:

I was hoping it was as simple as adding another TDM04B, is it? I notice that on digium.com the TDM04B is no longer listed (but it IS listed on digiumcards.com), does this mean it is old technology?

Should I be getting a different card entirely (such as a TDM800P)?

And one final question, if I want to initiate calls (outbound), do I need at least one FXS port?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

First, you might want to upgrade Asterisk. Your version is pretty old. The current version is 1.4.19 at www.asterisk.org

Digium is not selling TDM400 anymore. Digium improved TDM400 and replaced it with TDM410 and TDM800 and AEX800 (PCI Express) cards. I do not believe blogs.digium.com/, and this forum are run by Digium.

If you have TDM400 cards they will still work with the current Asterisk releases. If you need to buy another card, buy the latest TDM410 or TDM800/AEX800. You can have TDM400 and the newer cards on the same server.

To add a card you insert it in the PCI slot. You need to add configurations to /etc/zaptel.conf and /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf files. It will be similar to the configurations you already have there just add more channels. You might need to run on the linux command line:

modprobe -r wctdm
modprobe wctdm
ztcfg -vvvv
then you restart asterisk

FXS (Station) port is connected to the station which is your phone. FXO (Office - Central Office of your telco provider) port is connected to your incoming provider’s analog line. Yes, to go outbound to PSTN network you need at least one FXO port. It means you will have only one simultaneous call via this outbound analog line.

You will need to add dial plan to /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf to dial outbound.

Search online, post here if you get stuck at some point. It is not that really difficult. Good Luck.

Thank you for your excellent reply, it is very much appreciated.