Upgrade asterisk from CVS-HEAD-06/04/04 to current 1.4.0


I have a production asterisk running on CVS Head 06/04/04 which dated few years back running on TE410P with 1 E1.

present * running on customs AGI, PHPMYADMIN, 20 x g729 from digium and many others.

I tired to replace TE410P with a TE110P so i can move the TE410P to antoher server. i cant seems to do a “modprobe wct1xxp”, so i believe an upgrade is obvious.

I plan to upgrade zaptel, asterisk, libpri to the current version.

is there a quick and dirty way for me to upgrade to the current version with the AGI, all conf files and others remain intact.

I tried using “export CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs@cvs.digium.com:/usr/cvsroot” to upgrade, but i got no know host.

I am not a rocket scientist, i really hope there is something like make clean; make upgrade command to do the job

many thanks

The cvs server went away awhile ago. We now use subversion(svn). I would recommend just getting a tarball release from asterisk.org. I would go with the latest 1.2.X version as 1.4.0 will probably have a good amount of bugs.

I second that, go with 1.2.x release, the latest is 1.2.14 I think, on asterisk.org. You must look in the upgrade.txt file in asterisk-1.2.14/docs for some upgrading info.

Basically, I think save you AGI’s and .conf’s somewhere. Then clean out /usr/lib/asterisk/modules, because some old modules will be incompatible. I would think you would atleast have to change some things in your AGI, because there might be a few changes on command syntax.

But you should be fine, so go ahead