Updating rpid via CONNECTEDLINE stopped working

Dear all,
I am working with Asterisk, currently 13.20.0 built with PJPROJECT 2.7.1.
For a long time, I provided users information by manipulating the rpid using CONNECTEDLINE like this:

exten => 99998,1,Noop()
same =>n,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(name,i)=Radio FRITZ!)
same => n,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(pres)=allowed)
same =>n,Answer()
same => n,MP3Player(http://www.fritz.de/live.m3u)

In the pjsip-configs for the endpoint(s), I have set:


I recently discovered that this stopped working.
I had a look at the CLI when a respective extension is called. I don’t see any error messages on the one hand, but also no message indicating that Asterisk/PJSIP tries do send an update message.
Moreover, looking at the PJSIP logger, I don’t see any UPDATE messages send out to the endpoint.

I already looked into the Asterisk bug tracker and did not find a bug which describes this problem. Restarting Asterisk also did not help.

Does anyone have hints or further things I could check?

Problem solved :slight_smile: I (re-)discovered that UPDATE messages are not sent as long as there is no “change” to the number also, like:

same => n,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(num,i)=99998)
same =>n,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(num-pres)=allowed)
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