Updating "register =>" in sip.conf on dynamic I

Hello, I’m a little new to Asterisk but I’ve got a workable 1.4 server running on Ubuntu. I’m also using www.ipkall.com to route a phone number (Ithink regular phone numbers are referred to as PSTN?) to an ekiga.net sip account which I register through sip.conf as such

register => user:password@ekiga.net/101

The 101 extension it comes in on is then further routed to three different extensions at the same time – to give the effect of an incoming call ringing all phones in the house.

Now, to complicate things further, my ISP is on a dynamic IP DSL, so I use a “no ip” dns forwarding device in my sip.conf, in the end this is what I have listed in [general]:


I am also running on ubuntu a refresher which sends my ip to no-ip.biz every 5 min. in case it changes on me. Everything works fine at first, it registers great, I can even connect to my extensions through my cell phone.

But after a while Asterisk begins to get a timeout on ekiga.net and I think it’s because the

register => … is not refreshing and ekiga ends up using my old IP. Any way to refresh it too every 5 min?

Again, sorry but I’m new at this, if it doesn’t make sense let me know, I hope I’ve given enough relevant information too.

Really appreciate the help, thanks, -Kaito