New To Asterisk

hi to everybody,

i am wanting to get into the asterisk software and PBX system… my first project is at my parents vet clinic… after recieving a quote from a company to have a VOIP system installed in the building with a hosted PBX and one primary number, 3 phones and one T38 fax machine… 2800$ they would also be providing us internet access of 5 MB fibre the total recurring charges would be 220$ a month… ouch!! there must be a way i can do this cheaper! i understand the main concept of asterisk but thats as far as it goes…

to make this all make sense i will explain the way the phone system is set up currently… we have three phone numbers coming into the building… line 1 voice only, line 2 primarily fax with voice roll over with busy signal on line 1, line 3 is simply used to debt machine (this line would be dropped after internet access is acquired).

am i going to need to upgrade all of the phones or can i stick with the original ones?

i am going to need someone to explain to me how i link my two actual landline numbers to the internet with the pbx system… i looked into using google voice to link my home number with the outside world but being in canada its not avaliable… and unfortunately skype will no longer be supported as a addon soon… where would i get the same principal system in canada for free or cheaper than what the tel company is currently costing with regular phones…

any help would be greatly appreciated

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