Unsolicited Mute in Confbridge

Hi all,

we’re using Asterisk for our conferencing environment and recently upgraded our infrastructure from an old meetme based version to confbridge.

now we got complains from users that they were ramdomly muted in their conferences from time to time without doing anything.
they hear the announcement “you are now muted” and then they are but they didn’t mute themself by activating this option via the “*” menu

we tried upgrading Asterisk from 11.1 to the latest version 11.3.0 but the issue is still there

is this a know issue?

Nope, it’s not a known issue. Does Asterisk believe it’s detecting some DTMF from the calling party that would result in muting?

yes… that’s exactly it

And is the party actually sending any DTMF?

not that i know… as i said, it just happens randomly without any interaction of the user itself…

It could be “talk off”. Google finds this article providing a definition: aculab.com/support/pdf_docum … ssues.html