Meetme + DTMF = Problem

Hello, I am currently using standart Meetme of Asterisk for the organization voice conference in ZAP E1 PRI trank… I have big problem because when using menu and one user send signal DTMF for manage him microphone (mute/unmute), all users hear signals DTMF in conference… It’s very uncomfortable … Please tell me whether this problem is has solve? What can I do to solve this problem in meetme? The function DTMF menu is very importent fo me… Version Asterisk is… Because a have some aplications for this version and I dont want to change version now.
Maybe there is some patch to solve this problem? Maybe you can set a filter to separate DTMF frames and Voice…?
Or is it better to use AGI_BACHKGROUND for analysis and processing of DTMF signals?

I need Help! Thanks! :smile: